Arizona Banners Plagued With Malfunctioning Fittings

Date: 16 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

City officials of Downtown Chandler, Arizona, have revealed that they are experiencing major problems with some banner fittings located in one of the city’s revitalised avenues. The project to install 38 banners on custom-made curved poles cost the city a total of $10,870, but with winter winds causing dramatic damage to the signs – which were supposed to last for up to two years – the taxpayer might be called upon to cover the cost of repairs and replacements.

Banners are a great way of invigorating and bringing life to an area in need of renovation, and this was the plan for Downtown Chandler, where development included the planting of 170 trees, building a new city hall, and displaying public art on banners in order to bring a new inviting atmosphere into the area. Each banner has a swirling star logo of the ‘Downtown Chandler’ insignia.

However, December winds tore many of the banners down, causing a considerable amount of damage. Further problems were also discovered after the banners were reinstalled only for the grommets to break, causing creases and folds to appear in the elegant banner signs.

Discussing the importance of banner signs, Downtown Chandler Community Partnership executive director, Eileen Brill Wagner, said companies had “loved them when they were up”.

Wagner notes that the banners could still keep the avenue looking prosperous and vibrant. Whilst it is unknown where the extra funds will come from to repair the damage, Jeff Weninger of the City Council revealed that he hoped the manufacturing firm would stand behind their product and rectify the problems.

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