Banner Displays: A Message of Sustainability

Date: 15 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

In more visual news from across the pond, the Urban Forest Project based in Tacoma, Washington, has called upon local artists to design graphics for new banners which will promote sustainability.

A banner sign is a fantastic way of showcasing local art, in addition to getting messages across to the general public. And with the city of Tacoma looking to develop a possible 90 banners for its latest project, artists and graphic designers could be set to see their images adorning the city.

The Urban Forest Project is an outdoor exhibition that has taken place in a number of cities in the past, including New York, Baltimore and Portland. This year, Tacoma, San Francisco and Washington are all helping to spread the message of sustainability. As part of its involvement, Tacoma is “planting” a large number of banner signs with a forest theme in the city’s downtown area.

Submission for artists is currently open until 21st February, after which time the city council will decide the winning entries and announce the winners. During the April and May Tacoma Arbor Day festivities, the banners will be displayed throughout the town. All winning artists’ work will be showcased on the main Urban Forest Project website, along with a biograhy of each contributor. In addition, each artist will have their name emblazoned on their individual banner design. With the city highlighting the growing need for sustainability, the banner signs will not only provide an attractive addition to the city’s streets, but will also portray an important message.

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