Banner Saves Teesside Steel Industry

Date: 28 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

The extent to which an effective eye-catching banner campaign can reach has been highlighted after it was revealed that a Teesside slogan on a banner sign saved the region’s steel industry.  The 150-year-old industry was set to crumble after the Redcar Teesside Cast Products plant was facing closure. However, a banner sign with the words ‘Save Our Steel’ was noticed by officials of Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) in Thailand, resulting in them buying the processing plant.

Coming up with the idea for the banner sign, Beryl Dunning marched with a 5,000 strong crowd to appeal for help to keep their steel factory open.  With an international contract coming to a premature end, Redcar Teesside Cast Products faced a very uncertain future.  However, 6,000 miles away in Thailand, Win Viriyaprapaikit of SSI saw the community come together to fight for the industry which had been part of their region for over a century.

It was after this that Beryl’s husband, councillor George Dunning, discovered that SSI were interested in purchasing the steel plant and ensuring that it remained open.  Over the next two years, over £600m will be invested into the plant, not only ensuring that it continues to function but also that it increases its workforce and community presence.  Expressing that they intended on coming to Teesside “for the long haul”, Mr Viriyaprapaikit revealed that he was looking forward to business activity in the region and hailed the banner as a vital reason for having noticed the appeal.

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