Council Agrees to Baseball Banners

Date: 23 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

The US-based Tiverton Little League has received approval for sponsor banners to be displayed on their baseball field for the upcoming season.  The Rhode Island team have been asking the local council for years to be able to place a mesh banner on the outer fence of their fields, and the persistence seems to have paid off with an agreement lasting until 2014.

Tiverton Little League have long argued that, as the only fields in Rhode Island state not to have signs, they should be allowed to use banners to display the club.  A fantastic source of advertisement for a sports team and sponsors, the use of banners can be used to the benefit of both groups, with Claudia Linhares, League President, expressing that “they are a good source of income.”

With the council unanimously agreeing to the banners, the Little League team now have the authority to go ahead and place a mesh banner on the outer fence of the fields, allowing advertising during baseball season from April through to October.  Baseball director for the league, Tom Perella, explained: “The banners will be a uniform size and colour.  It is our opinion that they are very tasteful.  They will blend in with the field.”

With space for up to 50 signs spanning the two fields, there is also immense scope for sponsorship opportunities.  With current facilities in disrepair, much needed income will go towards building a new concession stand, safety fence, and restroom facilities so that baseball games can be enjoyed in all their thrilling glory.

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