ecoSHOWCASE for Doncaster

Date: 21 Jul 2011 Comments: 0

With today’s modern world putting a huge priority upon sustainability and environmentally friendly living, the need to know about the latest building trends and changes is vital.  In addition, with government targets looking to decrease carbon output, many businesses are under increased pressure to become as green as possible.  Attending exhibitions such as ecoSHOWCASE is, therefore, vital for any firms working within the eco industry.  With a specific and targeted audience it is the ideal place for networking, socialising and making those all important sales.

Everything being shown at ecoSHOWCASE will have a sustainability theme, whether they are the latest products on the market, or services that can help firms reduce their carbon output.  Products will range from roofing, ground engineering and fire proofing, to lighting, paving and wall coverings; all with a focus on sustainability and recycling.  This successful show has several exhibits around the country during the year, and as such it is a great event in which to be noticed.  Meanwhile, with companies including Travis Perkins, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and ECUS Limited all utilising the event to showcase their wares, any company exhibiting can be assured of the high quality brand presence.

Talking place at Doncaster Racecourse, ecoSHOWCASE will be hosted on the 29th November, offering the perfect opportunity for local traders and visitors to browse and network.  For those wanting to attend this event, registration is now open online.  Meanwhile, firms can show their interest in exhibiting and find contact details on the event’s website.

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