Healthy Living Banners Designed by Midlothian Children

Date: 24 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

It has been revealed that four children from Midlothian have won a competition in which they had to design images to promote healthy living.  Coming up with designs for healthy and alternative ways to travel to school, the winning images will be made into a banner sign for each school.  Not only allowing pupils to proudly see their designs displayed, the competition and resulting banner signs will help promote healthy living in the area.

At the end of 2010, the Midlothian area in Scotland had a Walk to School Week where hundreds of primary school pupils took to the streets instead of travelling by car or public transport.  As part of the week’s events, all schools in the local area were invited to submit healthy travelling designs, with the winners to be picked in 2011.

Councillor Wilma Chalmers revealed that over 300 entries had been received.  “Competitions such as these are great for encouraging pupils to think enthusiastically about healthy living.  The banners will be used over and over again by the winning schools,” Ms Chalmers said.

Of the pupils who entered the accolade for best design was awarded to Heather Newport of Cornbank St James Primary, Heather Bathgate of Lasswade Primary, Abigail Miller of Gorebridge Primary, an Alex O’Reilly of Mauricewood Primary.  Along with a goodie bag for each pupil, winners and their family’s were also invited along to Mauricewood Primary School to enjoy a special presentation before each school starts to use their attractive new banners.

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