Suffolk Famers Join Banner Scheme

Date: 25 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

After it was revealed that Scottish farmers were to participate in a banner scheme to highlight the plight of British pork, it has been announced that several Suffolk farmers are also to get in on the action. With farmers facing financially difficult times, and supermarkets continuing to stock many foreign meats when home-grown food is available, the Banners Blitz campaign is using slogans such as ‘Made in Britain – perfect British bacon’ to advertise goods to consumers.

Using banner displays to promote such a cause is a vital part of getting the message across to consumers. By placing huge banners on roadsides and on the edge of fields neighbouring motorways, the message can be spread to thousands of people very easily. In addition, with pig feed rocketing by 50 per cent as supermarket payouts fall, farmers are in desperate need of British public support.

East Anglia accounts for a large percentage of the British pig farming industry, with approximately 414,000 registered animals in 2009. However, with increasing overheads and falling prices, farmers currently only receive £1.37 per kg, even though the cost to break-even is £1.64 per kg. However, with British support pushing demand higher, farmers say that supermarkets would have to increase prices, a move that would finally make British pig farming profitable once again.

With 270 banner signs now in place throughout England, and more sites opening every day, the Banners Blitz Campaign continues to expand. By buying British, farmers hope that the public can save the UK’s farming industry from going under.

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