Online Technological Event for 2011

Written on July 22, 2011 – 08:25 | by purecontent |

In the modern digital age it is more important than ever for companies to utilise online and mobile platforms to expand their businesses.  However, with this breaking the traditional model for businesses, there are many who remain uneducated about how to do this.  In 2011 Online Information offers the perfect place for companies offering technological [...]

ecoSHOWCASE for Doncaster

Written on July 21, 2011 – 07:44 | by purecontent |

With today’s modern world putting a huge priority upon sustainability and environmentally friendly living, the need to know about the latest building trends and changes is vital.  In addition, with government targets looking to decrease carbon output, many businesses are under increased pressure to become as green as possible.  Attending exhibitions such as ecoSHOWCASE is, [...]

Crafts for Christmas Unveiled

Written on July 7, 2011 – 08:51 | by purecontent |

Whilst Christmas may seem a long way off for the consumer, for businesses in the gift industry there is never enough time in the year to prepare for the following festive season.  Attending specific Christmas-themed shows is an ideal way of helping sell products to visitors and get consumers in the mood for the holidays. [...]

Birmingham to Host Cycle Show

Written on June 8, 2011 – 10:53 | by purecontent |

For all those in the bicycle industry there is no better opportunity than taking part in events and exhibitions to showcase the latest technology and services available.  Celebrating its 10th year, the Cycle Show will be hosted in Birmingham in 2011, and will act as the perfect platform to sell products, promote a business, and [...]