Virginia Town Celebrates 250th Anniversary

Date: 17 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

The town of Strasberg in the American state of Virginia has celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding, by hanging nine beautiful banners along its main King Street. Ridding the bleakness of the cold weather, the town has vibrantly brought colour to its streets with stunning images created by local artists.

A total of 27 designs have been accepted by 26 of the town’s residents, who vary in age and experience. Whilst nine of the banners have already been erected along King Street, they will be replaced by the remainder at a later date to provide a renewed interest for both residents and visitors.

Speaking of the decision to employ local artists rather than graphic design companies, president of Hometown Strasburg, Carla Wallen, said: “As we thought about it, it seemed rather than order commercial banners it would be really special if we asked our local artists to create them here. Then we just had to come up with a list of as many artists as we could think of.”

With the first nine banners gracing the street already, the town’s celebrations are clear for all to see. Each banner sign has a different image, with one including pottery (as a homage to the town’s ‘Pot Town’ nickname), whilst others are adorned with a beautiful eagle spreading its wings and other town-specific images.

Designs were carefully selected to show the town through each artist’s eyes and will be auctioned off at the Oktoberfest celebrations later in the year.

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